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DU celebrates public utility weeks

DU is celebrating Public Power Week, Public Natural Gas Week and Customer Service Week. As a public utility, our focus is on you the customer. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable utility services at the lowest possible rate and meet the needs of our customers and employees. Today's focus is on the importance of being LOCAL. DU is owned by City of Decatur, but we operate autonomously. That means we have our own board of directors, management and employees. Decisions are made here locally by people you know and who have your best interests in mind.

Tuesday's Focus: #PublicPowerWeek

DU was formed in 1939 to serve the City of Decatur with safe, reliable electric service. We partner with TVA, our wholesale supplier, to deliver electricity to more than 26,000 homes, businesses and industries throughout town. Because we are public power, we continually reinvest in maintaining and improving the electric grid so your service is reliable and provided at the lowest rate possible. We can't control the weather, but when storms strike and cause power outages, personnel including linemen, substation crews, engineers, dispatchers and others respond to get service restored as quickly as possible.

Wednesday's Focus: #PublicNaturalGas

Did you know that natural gas is a clean, safe and economical energy choice for heating homes and businesses, cooking, heating water and fueling business and industrial processes? Because DU is a public natural gas provider, we have local control over rates and make board/management decisions with the customer in mind. That keeps rates low - with no sacrifice in our commitment to safety and reliability. The availability of natural gas is a huge factor in both economic development and residential growth. Plus we are always willing to come talk to your school or civic group about natural gas safety - just give us a call!

Thursday's Focus: #CustomerServiceWeek

Customer service extends from the front office to the field. Whether one of our CSRs is helping you establish, terminate or transfer service....or a billing rep is taking your payment...or one of our crews in the field is responding to a power outage or other utility emergency - we are ALL dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

Our Mission:

To provide safe, reliable utility services at the lowest possible rate and meet the needs of our customers and employees.

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