TVA Energy Right Solutions Program

  • eScore

    • eScore is an evaluation of your home's energy efficiency. Your resulting eScore is accompanied with recommendations for how to improve the home's efficiency levels. Implementing the recommendations help improve your score. ​​

      • Online Self Audit​

      • Authorized Contract Audit ($75 fee)

      • More info and/or sign up for eScore at

    • Rebates

      • TVA ended ALL eScore cash incentives effective 5/1/2020.

    • On-bill financing is available for new heat pumps and weatherization.

      • Minimum credit beacon score of 625​

      • Minimum loan of $2,500; Maximum loan of $15,000

      • Terms are five years on weatherization only; 10 years on equipment

      • How to apply for and payoff a loan​​

TVA New Homes Incentives

TVA and Decatur Utilities offer incentives to builders who opt to install all-electric homes or homes with dual-fuel heating and cooling systems. Note: Single-family rebate amounts changed 5/1/2020 - please see the schedule below for updated amounts.

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