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Work Zone Awareness

April 26-30 is National Work Zone Awareness Week and Decatur Utilities is putting a special emphasis on asking motorists to slow down and use caution when approaching and traveling through work zones.

“In 2019 there were 762 fatal crashes and 977 deaths from work zone accidents,” said Joe Holmes, DU Communications and Public Relations Coordinator. “Fatalities included roadside workers, drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Many of those could have been prevented if drivers had simply paid attention to traffic control in the area and reduced their speed.”

DU crews often work along right-of-ways to maintain and repair overhead and underground utility lines. In February of 2020, four DU employees were injured when a motorist traveled at high speed into their work area on the Hudson Memorial Bridge.

“We value the lives of our employees and customers,” said Holmes, “and want to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.”

Holmes said the same recommendations for reduced speed and heightened awareness apply to any roadside crews – from DU to ALDOT to City of Decatur workers and others.

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