PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE – Residential and Small Commercial Only


Decatur Utilities is pleased to offer our customers the option to pay online.  TWI, Inc. is a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Check. 


 Please click here to pay your bill online.


You can pay your bill anytime, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 


TWI, Inc. will charge a $3.95 service fee for each $600 transaction.


TWI Payment Processing Services (TWI-PPS) maintenance release is scheduled for Sunday, March 23rd from 1:00 AM until 7:00 AM Central Time. During this time, the system will not be available to process ACH payments from your customers. Credit Card payments will still process properly. 


Other Payment Options Available?
  • This service is intended for Residential and Small Commercial accounts.
  • Decatur Utilities offers other payment options to Large Commercial accounts at no charge. Please call (256) 552-1400 for more information.
  • Decatur Utilities offers automatic draft at no charge. Please call (256) 552-1400 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.


What do I need to use this Service?
  • Your Decatur Utilities account number. If you're unsure of where your account number is located on your bill, click here for help.
  • The balance owed on your bill
  • Your credit card or check routing information
  • Valid E-mail address for confirmation receipt (Online Payment Only)


How do I access this Service?
  • Call 256-552-1400 Option 2 or
  • Click here or on the link at the top of the page to go to a secure third party website at TWI, Inc.


Why is there a Service Fee?
  • TWI, Inc. charges a fee of $3.95 per $600 transaction to use their service.
  • The fee covers payment handling and processing charges.


Is Decatur Utilities getting any part of the fee?
  • Decatur Utilities does not receive any part of the service fee.
  • TWI, Inc. is an independent company providing a service for Decatur Utilities.