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New DU Outage Management System to improve restoration


Customers now able to report outages automatically by phone 


September 1, 2015 - Decatur, AL


OMSWebDecatur Utilities electric customers can now report power outages by simply entering their phone number into a new Outage Management System (OMS) that went live a few weeks ago. 


“This system integrates seamlessly with our Geographic Information System (GIS) which is an interactive, digital map of our electric grid,” said Joe Holmes, communications and public relations coordinator. “By entering their phone number the system will automatically log the outage which gives our dispatchers more real-time information about where an outage has occurred and what might have caused it.”


Customers will access the OMS by calling 256-552-1400 and then pressing “1” when prompted to “Report an Electric Outage”. If the phone number is not recognized, customers may also use their account number. If neither number is recognized, the customer will be prompted to leave a message with details concerning their outage. Gas, water and wastewater interruptions or emergencies will be reported by pressing “2”.


DU mailed out a direct mail piece during July and August that provided electric customers with instructions on how to use the OMS and a refrigerator magnet and reference card with the outage reporting number and the current phone number/account numbers on record for the account. Customers can also find their account number and any current phone numbers on file printed at the upper right-hand corner of their monthly billing statement. If the phone number field on the bill is blank, customers can update their information with DU at or by calling 256-552-1446.


Customers may enter up to two phone numbers in the system. Customers who have multiple accounts may use the same phone number or numbers for each. The system will verify which address is being reported.


“We are excited about this enhancement to our outage restoration process,” Holmes said. “We are confident that this move will improve customer service and allow us to respond more quickly and accurately when power outages occur.”


To verify or update your phone number with DU:

Visit: or call 256-552-1446


To report a power outage starting September 1st, 2015:

1. Dial 256-552-1400

2. Press "1" to report and electric outage

3. At the promt, enter one of the phone numbers associated with your DU account

4. If number is not recognized, you will be prompted to enter your DU account number

5. If neither number is recognized, you may leave a message with details concerning your outage


To report a gas/water/wastewater emergency:

1. Dial 256-552-1400

2. Press "2" to report a gas/water/wastewater emergency 


For more information:

Joe Holmes, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator

O: 256-552-1444

C: 256-654-4970