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New Homes Incentives from DU and TVA

Homebuilders can access incentives for new HVAC, water heaters and electric vehicle charging equipment through the Decatur Utilities and the TVA New Homes Program. Incentives are available for all-electric homes OR homes with select electric equipment.


The program helps homebuilders purchase energy efficient technology, increasing the marketability of their new builds. Plus, homebuilders receive the added marketing benefits of taking part in a program sponsored by Decatur Utilities and TVA. For more information or for builders to schedule a brief orientation, contact (615) 426-4015.

Note: "Builder"  is defined as a developer or a constructor of a new, single-family, residential home, or a
homeowner that acts as the owner and general contractor of a new, single-family, residential home. Builders do not include homeowners who purchase a new, single-family residence from a builder. In cases where a builder and a developer are both involved in construction, the party that is carrying the cost of the home is eligible for the incentive.


New Homes Program Guidelines

Schedule of Incentives (Download)

* EV Connectivity rebate must be coupled with either the whole home incentive OR one of the other stand-alone incentives.

Updated 10/1/23

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