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Why Is This Work Necessary?


Decatur Utilities (DU) has made a $165 Million financial commitment for a 10-year capital improvement plan in an effort to minimize and mitigate Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs).  DU has identified areas of the sanitary sewer collection system where the existing infrastructure is beyond its useful life and is need of rehabilitation and replacement.  This rehabbing effort is to aid DU in remaining compliant with state and federal regulatory agencies regarding SSOs.

What is Pipe-Bursting?

This method of rehabilitation is considered trenchless and less-invasive than a standard open-cut trench method.  This method involves pneumatically bursting the old main out while pulling a new High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) in its place.  Upon completion of the new main being pulled into place, the main is permanently sealed inside the manholes for a watertight connection.  Service laterals are also replaced from the new HDPE main to the Right of Way (typically where the water meter box is located) with new SCH 40 PVC with a cleanout installed for future testing and customer accessibility. 

Important Notice to Residents

DU will have personnel on-site to address any issues/concerns that you may have or provide further detail of the work involved.  Residents who have special needs, concerns, or questions may contact Jordan Young at (256) 552-1403 or Brad Irwin (256) 552-1483. 

What to Expect

Even though this work is considered trenchless, excavations will be made near the manholes and service lateral connections to the main. These excavations may vary in size and depth for safe access for this work to be performed.  At times your yard, driveway, street, landscaping may be disturbed; however, our contractors perform a pre-construction site video showing all existing conditions to ensure that the property is restored back to its original condition or better upon completion of the work. We would request your patience and cooperation during the restoration period as this process may take a few weeks to complete.

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Pipe-Bursting Process


Open-Cut Process


Dunbarton Area - Clark Springs Collector Phase III

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