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DU’s Water Treatment Plant Receives Recognition from


EPA/ADEM for Area-Wide Optimization Program



August 2, 2017


Decatur Utilities received notification recently from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that its Water Treatment Plant (WTP) has once again surpassed state and federal regulatory treatment standards for water quality. To achieve this level of excellence, DU’s WTP topped the existing stringent goals set by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) for the treatment of turbidity, or the cloudiness caused by microscopic suspended solid particles in the water. DU’s WTP has been recognized by EPA and ADEM for meeting these goals and providing outstanding water quality in each of the past four years (2013-2016). The process includes extensive testing and documentation of water quality results – including more than a million tests performed in the WTP laboratory and at independent, third-party laboratories.
Shawneille Campbell-Dunbar, acting chief of the EPA grants and drinking water protection branch, said DU has provided its customers with “protection against waterborne disease extending above and beyond regulatory requirements.”
DU Water Resources Manager Tom Cleveland said the utility is fully committed to delivering safe, clean drinking water to more than 25,000 retail customers and its wholesale customers. “This recognition is a testament to the men and women who staff our water treatment plant 24/7/365 and the willingness of our board and management team to invest in the capital and technological improvements needed to achieve this level of water quality.”
DU General Manager Ray Hardin said he is proud of DU’s track record. “Both our water and wastewater treatment plants are consistently recognized as the best operated in the state,” Hardin said. “I echo Tom’s sentiment that we have an outstanding team of plant operators, crewmen and maintenance personnel that make this happen and meet our mission of providing safe, reliable utility services.”
DU’s participation in the EPA’s Area-Wide Optimization Program provides the following benefits to DU customers:
• Increasing public health protection
• Proactively achieving regulatory compliance
• Improving treatment performance
• Maintaining distribution system water quality
WTP Stats:
• 25,000 retail
• Four wholesale
Gallons processed per year:
• 27 million gallons per day
• 9.8 billion gallons per year




















Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Hagler Wiley leads a tour of the plant for students from Leon Sheffield School earlier this year.



More information:

Joe Holmes, communications and public relations coordinator

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