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Official DU Statement Regarding Tennessee Riverkeeper Lawsuit


The City of Decatur, Morgan County and Decatur Utilities have been informed today that they have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by Tennessee Riverkeeper, Inc. against 3M and others.

The City of Decatur, which includes Decatur Utilities, and Morgan County were also named last year as defendants in a lawsuit originally filed in 2002 against 3M and other companies who generated PFOA’s and PFOS’s (collectively referred to as PFC’s). The City of Decatur and Morgan County jointly own the Morgan County Regional Landfill and the City of Decatur, through Decatur Utilities, operates the Decatur Wastewater Treatment Plant. PFC’s were discharged by companies who generated those chemicals into Decatur’s sewer system and also sludge containing those chemicals was deposited in the Landfill.

The EPA and ADEM have not established any regulations which would prohibit the discharge of PFC’s to or from a wastewater treatment plant. Nonetheless, the City of Decatur and Morgan County have been studying processes that would reduce the levels of PFC’s being discharged from the Landfill and from the Wastewater Treatment Plant. In the above lawsuit the City of Decatur and Morgan County have asserted that the companies who generated PFC’s which were discharged into Decatur Utilities sewer system and placed in the landfill must be responsible for any expenses incurred by Decatur Utilities and the Landfill to reduce the levels of PFC’s discharged. The City of Decatur and Morgan County firmly believe that any costs and expenses that may be incurred to reduce the levels of PFC’s should not be paid for by the customers of the Landfill or the City’s sewer system.

Decatur Utilities once again wants to assure its water customers that all recent tests of its drinking water show no detectable levels of PFC’s and Decatur’s water supply is fully in compliance with all EPA and ADEM regulations.